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SAP BO Data Service Overview

Data warehouse Concepts.
 ETL Concepts.
 History of Business Objects.
 Versions of Business Objects.
 What is SAP Business Objects Data Services / Data Integrator ?
 BODS Installation Process.
 Classification of Server & Client Components.
 Architecture before BODS 3.2 & After BODS 3.2.
 BODS Objects & Object Hierarchy
 BODS Objects Naming Standards

SAP BO Data Services – Basic Level

 BODS Repository Manager
 Repository Types – Local, Central Secure, Central Non-Secure, Profile
 Repository Creation & Upgradations.
 Server Manager(Job Server) – Repository Assignment, Job Server Creation
 Management Console – Introduction & Components
 Data Service Designer – Introduction & GUI

Data store & Formats

Data store – Overview & Types
 Data store creation – Database, SAP, Adapter and Web service
 Formats – Flat file, DTD, XSD, COBOL, .xls, .xlsx
 Data Extraction from Database Tables
 Data Extraction from Excel Workbook – Single/Multiple Sheets
 Data Extraction from flat files (CSV, Notepad)
 Data Extraction from XML FILE (DTD, XSD)
 Data Extraction from COBOL Copybooks
 Data Distribution to flat file & XML
 Data Distribution to database tables.
 Dynamic Extraction – File Selection & Sheet Selection

SAP BO Data Services-Transforms

Transforms & Category (DI,PF,DQ)
 Data Integrator – Date Generation
 Data Integrator – Pivot
 Data Integrator – Reserve_Pivot
 Data Integrator – Effective_Data
 Data Integrator – Hierarchy_Flatterning
 Data Integrator – Data Transfer
 Data Integrator – XML_Pipeline
 Data-Integrator – History _Preserving
 Data-Integrator – Key _Generation
 Platform – Case
 Platform – Map_Operation
 Platform – Merge
 Platform – Query
 Platform – SQL
 Platform – Validation
 Data Quality – Country2IDChar
 Data Quality – GeoCoder
 Data Quality – GlobalAddressCleanse
 Data Quality – DataCleanse
 Data Quality – Match

SAP BO Data Services – Advance Level

BODS Admin Console-Administration
 Real time Jobs, Embedded Data Flows
 Substitution Parameters
 Debugging Usage
 System Configuration
 BODS Performance Tuning Techniques

Controlling SAP BO Data Services Jobs

Error handling
Try/Catch Techniques


 Implementation of if-else scenario
 Data Assessment
While-Loop implementation

Recovery Mechanisms

 Job as recovery unit
 Workflow as a recovery unit
Dataflow as a recovery unit

Variables and Parameters

 Global Variables
 Local Variables
 Parameters and it’s types
 Built-in and Custom functions

Data Assessment

 Data Assessment using Data Profiler
 Prerequisites to perform the Data Profiling
 Types of Data Profiling
 Importance of validation transform with Data Profiling

Multi-User Environment

Multi-user Development and Environment setup

 Defining Central repository
 Difference between Central and Local repository
 Difference between Secured and Nonsecure central repository
 Activation of Central repository from local repository
 Checking in,Checking out,Getting,Filtering,Checking,Labeling objects from central repository

Migrating Multi-User Jobs

 Copying contents b/w Central repositories
 Central repository migration

Working with SAP Applications

 Steps to integrate SAP BW and Data Services
 Defining an SAP NetWeaver BW Source datastore
 Defining an SAP NetWeaver BW Target datastore
 Steps to Integrate SAP ECC and Data Services
 Process involved in the data extraction b/w SAP ECC and BODS
 Creation of SAP Application Datastore
 SAP Tables & Hierarchies Data Extraction
 Reading data from SAP Extractors
 Reading data from SAP NetWeaver BW
 Setting up the RFC Server interface in BODS Management console
 Reading the InfoProvider through SAP Open Hub Service
 Creating and running a job to read an Open Hub table
 Loading into SAP NetWeaver BW 

Slowly Changed Dimension Capture and CDC

 SCD Type1
 SCD Type2
 SCD Type3

Web-Services and Real-Time Integration

Real Time Jobs
SOAP Introduction
Web Services

SAP Integration

Creating datastores for SAP databases
Accessing SAP data
Running ABAP programs
R/3 Data flows