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MS Visual Studio 2005 and Dotnet Online Training


MS Visual Studio 2005 and .Net Course Content

Application Configuration


  • Standard Configuration Sections
  • Custom Configuration Sections
  • Custom Configuration Providers

Installing and Configuring Assemblies

  • Introduction to Assembly Installation
  • Using Installation Components
  • Configure Assemblies

Application Diagnostics

  • Introduction to System.Diagnostics
  • Using an Event Log
  • Managing System Processes
  • Monitoring Application Performance

Debugging Applications

  • Introduction

  • Debugging .NET Applications
  • Instrumenting an Application
  • Industrial Strength Tracing

System Management Information

  • Introduction
  • Accessing Windows Resources
  • Subscribing to Management Events

.NET Code Access Security

  • Introduction
  • Code Access Security
  • Using Code Access Security with Assemblies
  • Using Code Access Security with Methods

User- and Role-Based Security

  • Introduction
  • Windows Identities and Principals
  • Security Demands
  • Generic and Custom Identities

Windows Access Control

  • Windows Security
  • Security Access and Audit Rules
  • Low-Level Security Access
  • Ownership, Inheritance, and Propagation

Encrypting and Hashing Data

  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Hashing Data
  • Symmetric Key Encryption
  • Asymmetric Key Encryption
  • Digital Signatures
  • Data Protection API