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SAP BPC Online Training


Unit 1: Concepts and Objects in BPC Administration


  • Business Objects
  • Overview and Advantages of BO PC
  • Business Planning and Consolidation
  • Some Modeling Aspects
  • Terminology
  • Comparison BW Integrated Planning and BPC
  • Strategic View
  • Application Set Management
  • Dimension Management
  • Creating Applications
  • Security


Unit 2: Interface for Excel


  • Navigating in the Interface for Excel


Unit 3: Range Based Reporting - EvDRE


  • Range Based Reporting - EVDRE


Unit 4: Planning


  • BPC Planning


Unit 5: EV Functions & Cell Based Reporting


  • EV Functions & Cell Based Reporting


Unit 6: Drill Through


  • Drill Through


Unit 7: Business Process Flows


  • Using Business Process Flows


Unit 8: Xcelsius Integration


  • Xcelsius Integration


Unit 9: Word and Powerpoint Integration


  • The Interface for Word and PowerPoint


Unit 10: Interface for the Web


  • Interface for the Web


Unit 11: Data Acquisition, Transformation, Multi Provider and BW Reporting


  • Data Acquisition, Transformations, Packages, and Package Links


Unit 12: Working with Logic


  • Script Logic and Online Execution
  • Script Logic and Central Execution
  • Script Logic and Allocation
  • Script Logic and ABAP Integration
  • Dimension Member Formulas


BOPC 7.5 NW Consolidation


Unit 1: SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation Framework


  • Appsets and Applications
  • Dimensions, Properties, and Loading Master Data
  • Consolidation Logic


Unit 2: Data Collection and Preparation


  • Transaction Data Collection
  • Journal Entries and Balance Carry Forward
  • Account Transformation, Allocation, and Validation


Unit 3: Currency Translation


  • Currency Translation


Unit 4: Consolidation of Investments


  • Consolidation of Investment Concepts
  • Consolidation of Investments Architecture


Unit 5: Inter Company Eliminations


  • Inter Company Matching
  • Inter Unit Elimination and US Elimination